Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has purchased Los Angeles’ Overwatch team for £15m.

Stan Kroenke, a businessman with fingers in many pies, has expanded his ownership profile even further by buying a spot in the new Overwatch League. According to the Daily Mail, Kroenke and his son Josh have spent £15m so that Los Angeles can have an eSports team representing the state.

Overwatch developers Blizzard have expressed their delight at the purchase, and hope that the Kroenke’s “expertise” in sporting matters can help the league in its early stages.

“Known as international leaders in the sports industry, Stan and Josh Kroenke own professional teams, stadiums, and media holdings around the world,” Blizzard said in a statement. “We’re very happy to be able to rely on their deep expertise in sports as work on the Overwatch League continues at full speed.”

I daresay that neither Stan or Josh Kroenke are fountains of knowledge when it comes to normal sports, never mind video games. Sports owners buying up eSports properties is becoming a common trend due to its rapid rise around the world. There are already several football clubs which have their own FIFA teams, for example.

If Kroenke is interested, Arsenal could well follow suit one day. The shareholder’s activities caused controversy last month when he decided to première a new blood sports channel in the UK. By comparison, eSports are tame and shouldn’t cause any issues.