Graeme Souness has said that he doesn’t see Arsenal challenging for the Premier League title this season.

With the new Premier League season just days away, pundits are coming out the woodwork to give their predictions for while will win the league.

Unsurprisingly, none of them have given Arsenal any chance of winning the thing. In fairness, Arsenal themselves haven’t inspired much confidence in their ability to win the Premier League over the years.

Graeme Souness is the latest pundit to predict that Arsenal won’t win the Premier League, although if it’s any consolation, he also doesn’t think Spurs will win it either.

“I don’t see Liverpool or Arsenal as challengers, and the same goes for Spurs,” he wrote in The Times. “That observation should hurt Tottenham fans after their performances over the past two seasons.

“There remain just over three weeks until the end of the transfer window, but I find their inactivity to date baffling. It’s a cliche but true that if you stand still in the Premier League you go back. That’s how I see Spurs.”

Souness expects the two Manchester clubs to be the closest contenders to Chelsea this season. “A stronger United makes life harder for Chelsea and I expect Manchester City to do better this season. Going forward they look the best of all the title contenders,” he added.

This is definitely a safe prediction from Souness, although quite why so many are confident that United can go from sixth to title contenders is a bit baffling. Similarly, I’m of the opinion that City spending £150m plus on full-backs doesn’t transform them into contenders, either.

As always, we hope that Arsenal will prove the pundits wrong and have a really good go at the Premier League title. The Gunners have certainly started the campaign strongly with a Community Shield triumph over Chelsea.