Richard Keys has said that Arsenal will eventually sell Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City.

The former Sky Sports presenter gave his verdict on the Alexis situation in his personal blog, and unsurprisingly has predicted that the Chilean will leave this summer.

Reflecting on Arsenal’s defeat to Stoke, Keys wrote: “Would Sanchez have made much of a difference? Yes, I believe he would, but what kind of Sanchez are Arsenal going to be playing if he doesn’t get his move to City?

“Like Coutinho, who Liverpool will insist they won’t sell, they’ll have the player in a physical sense, but not mentally.

“My view is the deal with City eventually gets done. If they come back with £70-£75million for a player in the last year of his contract The Gunners would be mad not to take it.”

Arsenal would apparently be mad not to take £70m they don’t really need in exchange for a player they really need and won’t be able to replace with ten days remaining in the transfer window.

And for all the talk about the player not being all there mentally, I’ve yet to see a single pundit give an actual example of a player who phoned it in because he didn’t get his big move.

Back in 2013, the exact same things were said about Luis Suarez when he was a Liverpool player. When he didn’t get his move to Arsenal, many predicted that he wouldn’t be the same. Yet, Suarez went on to produce an outstanding season that nearly won Liverpool the title.

While that is just one example, the assumption that a top player and a professional won’t give his all for a club in these circumstances is far too cynical. Keys goes on to suggest that Arsenal and City compromise by – you guessed it – swapping Alexis and Sergio Aguero.

“Here’s a thought – it was fairly obvious at the back end of last season that Guardiola doesn’t really fancy Aguero, so why don’t Arsenal suggest a swap? That way everybody is happy surely?”

This scenario has been rubbished enough times already and doesn’t need to be rubbished again. It’s amazing that it’s still being mentioned by people.