With Arsenal reportedly set to switch shirt sponsors to Adidas and Usain Bolt retiring, Puma are set for a tough time.

Arsenal have reportedly been eyeing up a switch to Adidas for a while despite only signing a £30m-per-year five-year deal with Puma in 2014.

The Gunners have two years left on their contract with Puma but, according to the Daily Mail, Arsenal are on the look-out for a bigger and better deal. They’ve supposedly seen Chelsea’s £60m-per-year deal with Nike and want something similar.

Adidas, meanwhile, are said to be looking for a London club to sponsor and, considering Mesut Ozil (as well as Theo Walcott, Per Mertesacker and Danny Welbeck) is already sponsored by them, they have that link there already.


If Arsenal do move to Adidas, this will come as another blow to Puma, who sponsor the newly retired Usain Bolt.

The eight-time gold medalist announced that he would retire after the World Championships 2017 in London two years ago.

On Saturday night, he ran his last race, losing out to Justin Gatlin in the 100m sprint.

While he’ll still be sponsored by Puma and get £8m-a-year as part of the deal, the exposure of having him run with their logo on his kit was massive and not having that will mean they take a knock.

Puma also sponsor Borussia Dortmund, so all is not lost if Arsenal do leave them, which is apparently likely. However, the Gunners are the highest-ranked club they sponsor in the UK. Therefore, they’ll most likely notice the gap.