Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker has advised Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere to go abroad for the sake of his football career.

In an article for Eurosport, Parker wrote that Wilshere must now think about moving abroad, as his Premier League career is “going down the drain”.

“He needs to get away from Arsenal because he won’t get his contract renewed. It would be incredible if he did. He can’t get into that Arsenal squad at the moment,” he said.

“The next side that takes Wilshere on may not be in the Premier League either. As old pros have found out – it’s never easy to drop down. It’s harder in many ways as you haven’t got the quality around you.

“He might have to go overseas, go to Italy for example, where they don’t bypass the midfield, to get some games under his belt and his confidence back.”

It’s a lot easier said that done. If teams at home won’t take a chance on Wilshere because of his injury record, why would it be any different for teams abroad?

Sampdoria and Antalyaspor were interested, but they were hardly breaking the bank to sign him. It was a deal they were interested in only if they could sign him at a cut-price.

Meanwhile, there have been reports of AC Milan not wanting him due to his injury record. It’s been said before that a move abroad, to either Italy or Spain, would benefit Wilshere a lot as he wouldn’t be kicked as much in those leagues.

The challenge he received in last night’s U23 game against Manchester City was tame compared to some other tackles, and is an example of what he used to receive on a game-to-game basis.

Still, going abroad is a big step for anyone to take. And before that would be a possibility, you feel that Wilshere has to get his fitness right first.