Former Arsenal defender Nigel Winterburn has said that Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero wouldn’t want to join the Gunners at the moment.

There have been suggestions all summer that Arsenal should swap Alexis Sanchez with Sergio Aguero – a move that many believe would ‘suit all parties’. This morning, there were reports that Arsenal could be willing to let Alexis move to City, but only if they receive a player in return.

One of the players mentioned has, of course, been Aguero. However, Nigel Winterburn feels that Aguero wouldn’t even want to join Arsenal at this point. “If it was at the start of the window, I think a lot of supporters would go ‘I’d take that’,” Winterburn said, reports the Express.

“Aguero is a proven goalscorer in the Premier League. It would be a sensational swap. You’ve got one player who obviously doesn’t want to be at your club. But does Sergio Aguero want to come to Arsenal? That’s the question.

“Just because Manchester City are saying ‘we can offer you this player or that player’ it doesn’t mean that player wants to come.

“They’re going to be looking at it at the moment at Arsenal and saying ‘there’s a bit of disarray there, do you know what, I am going to hold off for six months and see if we get any other offers or see whether the club stabilises and then we can make that decision’.

“I think Arsenal are going to find it very, very difficult in the last couple of days to bring in what I’d class as a major signing until the stability of the football club has been looked at.”

Arsenal are in a bit of a mess currently. You’d think that any players would think twice about joining us, especially one who could just as easily move elsewhere. Aguero is a City legend and despite all the claims that Guardiola doesn’t fancy him, he receives plenty of game time and still scores plenty of goals.

Arsenal have also signed a striker already this summer and unless a change of formation is on the cards, they’d struggle to fit both Lacazette and Aguero in the same team. I think it’s unlikely this transfer rumour will go anywhere with just days remaining before the transfer window shuts.