Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi could reportedly join Inter Milan this summer after ‘failing to bond’ with his teammates.

In one of the more out-of-the-blue transfer stories of the summer, Shkodran Mustafi could soon be on the move to Inter Milan. The reason? He’s failed to bond with his team mates.

That’s the view of the Daily Star, who report that should Inter offer £35m – the amount Arsenal paid to sign Mustafi from Valencia last summer – Arsenal will let him go. It would be complete madness to sell another first-team defender with such little time left in the window, I feel.

Arsenal are short enough at the back as it is without complicating the issue further by letting another defender go for a reason as bizarre as ‘failing to bond’ with his teammates. Unless Mustafi is completely impossible to work with, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Not every player in the squad has to be friends with each other. If the 25-year-old was a problem, Arsenal surely would have sold him earlier and not at the end of August. Then there’s the issue of Inter Milan’s ability to even do a deal.

Their initial offer, as the Daily Star reported, was a loan offer. That suggests they aren’t yet capable of buying him outright. There’s simply too many things that don’t add up about this rumour.