Mesut Ozil has reportedly asked his agent, Dr Erkut Sogut, to offer him to Barcelona.

According to reports, Ozil is unhappy at Arsenal and has offered himself to Barcelona.

Since the Catalan giants are having trouble convincing Liverpool to hand over Philippe Coutinho, they’re apparently open to the idea of signing the playmaker since they’re yet to plug the gap in their starting XI left by Neymar’s switch to PSG.

The story appears to have originated in Don Balon – a Barcelona-based outlet. It’s then spread over to the UK press, with the Express and Daily Star both reporting the rumour.

Interestingly, while the headlines have been about Ozil wanting a move, the gist of the story is that, despite Coutinho handing in a transfer request, Barcelona are getting no further in their pursuit of the 25-year-old and therefore they could be looking at other, more affordable options.

In fact, in the original report in Don Balon, Ozil ‘wanting’ a move to Barca seems like an afterthought.

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(IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Now, do I believe that Ozil wants a move to Barcelona? Of course not.

Firstly, the German international spent three of the best years of his career playing for their rivals, Real Madrid.

Secondly, his agent, Dr Erkut Sogut, the very same one that’s supposed to be asking Barca if they’ll take Ozil, said back in February that the 28-year-old is committed to Arsenal.

“Mesut is committed to the club,” he said following the defeat to Bayern Munich. “There is no doubt that he will perform at 100%, with total professionalism and commitment as long as he plays for Arsenal. Nothing will change that.”

While this was six months ago, Ozil still has a year left on his current deal, so he’s still an Arsenal player and therefore still committed. Asking to sign for your former rivals is not showing commitment.

Combine this with the numerous times the midfielder has spoken about his love for Arsenal and London, as well as his respect for Arsene Wenger, his most recent comments about wanting to stay, that he’s allegedly renewed his executive box at the Emirates and that all reports are pointing to him extending his current deal… and you get the picture.

“It is definitely my preference to stay,” Ozil said last month.

“It is such a great club and I have always said that I feel very good at Arsenal. Once everyone is back in London we will sit down and discuss about the future.

“For now the most important thing is our pre-season and getting through the tour, training and getting fitness.

“When I’m back in London, we will sit down and discuss.”

I’d be seriously shocked if Ozil has asked to move to Barcelona.