Manchester City are reportedly ready to bid £70m to try and convince Arsenal to sell Alexis Sanchez this summer.

Manchester City could finally be ready to take action after months of believing they can sign Alexis. According to the Mirror, City are readying a £70m bid for the Chilean and believe that despite Arsenal’s refusal to sell, the Gunners won’t be able to resist such a big offer.

Of course, we have no way knowing if that would be the case because as yet nobody has bid for Alexis. There’s been plenty of talk of one being considered, prepared or mulled over. But not one concrete offer to test Arsenal’s resolve.

City are like a boxer dancing around their opponent talking about all the ways they will knock them out yet won’t throw a single punch. These reports often talk about City’s conviction that they can get the player as and when they want to, yet there has been no progress.

The transfer window closes in a matter of days and Arsenal will probably be feeling pretty calm at this point. They’ve held out for this long. What’s a few extra days?