Former Arsenal winger, Jermaine Pennant, has revealed why he might want to become a football manager some day.

Pennant, who currently plays for non-league side Billericay, has admitted that now he’s older, he wouldn’t mind trying his hand at managing.

“Three years ago I would’ve said: ‘No chance – as soon as I’m finished playing that’s it.’ But as you get older you understand more,” the 34-year-old explained to the Guardian.

“When you go through a long spell without a club you think: ‘Can I go on without football in my life? It’s all I know.’ You start thinking how much you’d miss the boys. You’d miss celebrating a goal or a win. At least as a coach you’re still part of that. It’s still a job and I need to earn a living. I also have a lot to offer after everything that’s happened.”

He added, “I’m sure (he could see himself coaching at Billericay). If everything goes according to plan and we jump the leagues my experience and football IQ might be very useful.”

The former Gunner, who moved to north London in 1999, later signed for Birmingham and ended up going to Liverpool in 2006, is now 34 and, considering his advanced position on the pitch, probably considering hanging up his boots.

pennant 2

However, while Pennant does have decades of experience in English football, the best he’s ever really gotten is playing for Liverpool and scoring against Chelsea. Or scoring against Arsenal for Stoke. He’s only ever scored 20 times in his entire career.

Therefore, I’m not sure this ‘football IQ’ he talks about it quite as high as he thinks it it.

What’s more, is that his personality is a bit of an… acquired taste. While it’s common for football managers to grate on people, they usually have to have the ability to back it up, and if he’s not even completed his coaching badges yet, it doesn’t suggest that he’s exactly prepared for life as a football manager…