Arsenal fans are demanding that the club signs Paris Saint-Germain forward Julian Draxler, as the summer transfer window deadline draws near.

For most of the summer, Arsenal fans have been calling for manager Arsène Wenger to sign Monaco 21-year-old Thomas Lemar. However, after months of ‘announce Lemar’ at the top of the replies to every tweet from the Arsenal club account, supporters finally seemed to have moved on to Julian Draxler.

Draxler only moved to Paris Saint-Germain in January, but he has already been rumoured to be available, after former Barcelona forward Neymar seems to have taken the German international’s position in the PSG side.

Arsenal fans have made no secret of their desire to bring the player to the club, even picking him over Lemar, Mahrez and Van Dijk in this Twitter poll:

But the Draxler fans are all over the place at this point, especially in the replies to any article about Walcott, who is considered to be the player who would be dropped for the German:

Gunners supporters are certainly not short of ambition, as you can see from these next two tweets:

But most would be happy with just the one signing at this point:

Finally, it wouldn’t be an article about Arsenal fans without a bit of scapegoating, so here’s one Twitter user who thinks Mesut Ozil should be making room on the wage bill for international understudy Draxler:

What do you think? Is Draxler the perfect summer signing, or is there someone else we could go for? Let us know.