Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit has said he would sell Mesut Ozil this summer.

The former midfielder believes that the German’s lack of consistency and nonchalant approach to the game means he should be sold.

“It’s been a while since he played a good game, and even longer since he put a string of good performances together. He’s still able to put in one good performance, but good performances over three, four, five weeks… I don’t think we’ll see Ozil at that level again,” Petit said, reports Squawka.

“What disappoints me most is his attitude, his defeatist attitude on the pitch, his nonchalance that transmits to his teammates. Arsene keeps him on the pitch. If I were the coach, I’d say, ‘Mesut, you want to leave? There’s the door. Be sure to close it on the way out.’ If I were Arsene Wenger, I’d say, ‘Get out.’”

Ozil has a year remaining on his contract but hasn’t been linked with any major clubs and, as for as we’re aware, isn’t up for sale. Much has been made of the German international’s body language and perceived laziness, but his talent has usually justified his inclusion.

Even though he’s struggled so far this season, he’s an important part of Arsenal’s attack and has created more  chances at the club than any other player since joining in 2013. We could replace him with a much busier and harder-working player, but replacing that level of creativity is not easy.

There are, of course, concerns about his contract that have gone under the radar this summer due to the Alexis and Chamberlain sagas. Although he isn’t agitating for a move, Ozil has yet to commit to a new contract, either. We can’t be entirely certain that he wants to remain at the club or not.