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A Leeds United fan almost accidentally bought an Arsenal wallet at the club’s store.

The Leeds fan went into the club’s store to buy himself a wallet to keep his season ticket in and almost ended up leaving with an Arsenal one.

Despite being in Leeds United packaging, the wallet inside clearly has an Arsenal badge on the front.

The fan, Grant, uploaded a picture of the blunder onto Twitter, which has now been picked up by the likes of the Sun.

So, how did this happen? Perhaps all English football wallets are just made at the same factory and an Arsenal one accidentally found its way into Leeds packaging. Who knows?

Considering the rocky relationship Arsenal and Leeds fans have with each other, he’s probably rather glad he checked first. Although saying that, the clubs themselves seem to be getting on.

Leeds are currently reportedly in talks with Arsenal defender, Krystian Bielik, over a loan move this season. The 19-year-old was supposed to be joining Eintracht Frankfurt earlier in the window on a two-year loan, but the deal broke down.

Bielik made 10 Champions appearances for Birmingham last season.