According to the latest figures, Arsenal fans are high on the list of Premier League spenders when it comes to stadium snacks.

An article in the Mirror rounded up the exact figures, but you don’t have to be a regular match-goer to know that you aren’t going to pay supermarket prices at the Emirates.

Arsenal fans already pay the most for season tickets, even if the figure is slightly offset by the inclusion of cup and European matches in the deal. It wouldn’t be surprise to most fans if they therefore topped the list for food and drink prices as well.

So do they?

Well, looking at the price of a match day pint first, Arsenal make the top four, at a cost of £4.90, but Manchester United, Manchester City and Spurs are all ahead, with prices of £6.25, £5 and £4.95 per pint respectively.

Spurs were behind Arsenal in 2016/17, but as a result of the move to Wembley their prices have shot up. Arsenal’s prices have increased too, however, as last season you would only have had to pay a measly £4.60 for your match day lager.

Next, pies, and Arsenal only just make the top half with this one.

Again there has been an increase on 2016/17, from £3.70 to £3.90, but this still leaves the Gunners behind seven other teams, including London rivals Tottenham and Chelsea, who top the list at £4.80 per pie.

What’s worth keeping in mind is that Arsenal know they’ll be compared on the price of pies and pints, so they aren’t going to go overboard in this regard.

Items like packs of sweets and a slice of pizza on the other hand, they can ramp up without being too worried about topping a list like this, since not all clubs will sell them.