In Arsenal’s recent video of the Gunners behind the scenes at their recent photocall, open training session, and Q&A, Danny Welbeck and Mohamed Elneny revealed their new handshake.

At around the 1:18 mark, Welbz and Elneny revealed their ‘new handshake’ to the camera and although it could be a genuine gesture of brotherly love, the timing is remarkably coincidental.

Tottenham’s Dele Alli has just been GQ’s cover star and filmed video with the publication in which he teaches their commissioning editor the ‘Tottenham handshake’ which, contrary to popular opinion, is not a variation of a Chelsea grin.

The video of Alli shows the 21-year-old awkwardly teaming a man older than himself this odd ritual which the Spurs players apparently do regularly.

It’s horrifically cringe-worthy since the handshake goes on for way too long and is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen.

It involved a lot of clicks, some sort of tribute to Salt Bae, and throwing your arms in the air.

I’m not sure it’ll catch on. Although it gives them something to do during their tedious summer devoid of transfer activity.

Oh well, as long as he’s sitting in the corner making up lame handshakes and not signing for Real Madrid, eh Spurs?