Former Liverpool and Manchester City defender Danny Mills has claimed that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger risks destroying his legacy at the club this season.

The pundit feels that Wenger may have made the wrong decision to stay at Arsenal, and fears what a bad season could do to his legacy. “It’s like that boxer having one too many fights and it going wrong,” Mills told Sky Sports.

“If this is a really bad season, and they finish seventh or eighth and don’t win anything, then that’s what Arsene will be remembered for. My worry would be that it destroys his legacy and everything he has achieved. It will be soured and his legacy will be tarnished.

“There is no fear in playing against Arsenal anymore and that’s a massive change. I almost think it’s an arrogance in Arsene Wenger or the players thinking they are too good.

“West Brom or Huddersfield can be organised and make themselves difficult to beat and they are, without being disrespectful, nowhere near as good technically as Arsenal.

“Is Arsene Wenger not prepared to tell his players to do that or are the players not prepared to do that themselves?”

Wenger has spent 20 years at Arsenal and does leave behind a considerable legacy. Three Premier League titles, seven FA Cups, a Champions League final, the signings of many of the club’s greatest players and keeping Arsenal competitive during the move to the Emirates Stadium is a lot to be proud of. I’m not so sure a bad season will ruin all that.

However, it is true that the last few seasons haven’t been great and it’s hard not to feel that he’s overstayed his welcome at the club. Wenger had two chances to walk away on a high: in 2014 and 2017, both after FA Cup wins. He would have left on a genuine high, with all the goodwill from the fans.

With the way things are going, though, he could end up dragging Arsenal down the table and leaving the squad in a poor state. It might not tarnish his legacy, but it wouldn’t be the way he, or any of the fans, would want him to go out.