Arsene Wenger predicts the Premier League will have a female manager ‘soon’ and believes the role will be diluted so much they won’t have a say in picking the starting eleven.

Ever the visionary, Arsene Wenger has turned his all seeing eye towards the future of management in football.

Speaking at the Football Writer’s Association Live event, Wenger claimed that the role of the football manager will continue to change, and predicted that the Premier League will have a female manager soon. When asked, Wenger said: “I’m personally convinced that will happen soon,” reports ESPN.

His prediction could be based on French club Clermont Foot’s appointment of Helena Costa and then Corrine Diarce, the first two female managers to coach in the top two divisions of any league. While Costa left after a month due to personal reasons, Diarce has been in charge for three years, achieving two 7th-placed finishes.

Such success may encourage more clubs to give opportunities to female managers in the future. If that’s the case, it’d only be a matter of time before an English club followed. Wenger also believes that with the way the game is going, managers will soon not even be selecting the starting eleven.

“I’m convinced in 10 or 15 years it will not necessarily be a football specialist who is a manager of a club. You will have so many scientists around the team that who will bring out the team to play on Saturday will be more management specialists than football specialists. Because the football decisions will be made by technological analysis.”

Wenger has always been vocal about the role of the manager and very much has an old school mentality that the manager should be the undisputed boss of everything. It’s this thinking that has seen him vehemently oppose a Director of Football at Arsenal or any equivalent role that might dilute his responsibilities.