Arsenal’s special 2005/06 red-current home strip has been ranked as one of the best Premier League kits of all time.

With the Premier League celebrating 25 years since it’s inception, the Telegraph have decided to rank the ten best kits worn in that time. The winning shirt was Chelsea’s from the same season, their centenary shirt worn when Jose Mourinho enjoyed his first stint there as manager.

As for Arsenal’s 2005/06 home shirt, the red-current kit was worn to celebrate the club’s final year at Highbury before moving to the Emirates Stadium. It was a simplistic but very stylish kit that invokes a lot of memories.

Arsenal didn’t win the league that year, but still had an eventful season. It was Dennis Bergkamp’s last season a professional player, and the club reached it’s first Champions League final, knocking out Real Madrid and Juventus along the way.

Perhaps most memorably, Thierry Henry gave Highbury a perfect send off by scoring a hat-trick on the final day to help Arsenal to a 4-2 win over Wigan. The result was enough for Arsenal to finish above a Spurs side ravaged by dodgy lasagna.

“The end was like typical Hollywood. You couldn’t write in a better way. I’m sure if you asked any fan before the game, that’s what they would have dreamt of,” Henry said, recalling the game in 2014.

“I only played seven years. Something that day did die me. I knew I was never going back there. It was gone, forever. You can sit down and relieve the memories with videos and whatever but it’s not the same if you can’t go back to the stadium.

“I always regarded Highbury as my garden. I always used to joke about it. One thing that I am proud is that nobody can beat my record there. I scored the most goals there. That record was going with the stadium.”