Arsenal may wait until January to try and sign Virgil van Dijk and Thomas Lemar, according to reports.

Arsenal haven’t yet given up on van Dijk and Lemar, but could wait until another transfer window to try and sign them again.

That’s according to Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph, who says that Arsenal would rather wait until later rather than pursuit backup targets.

Arsenal had interest in Lemar way back in June, but months of trying to do the deal at the “right price” has seen it hit a dead-end. Monaco sold all their other best players in the meantime and now don’t want to sell Lemar.

Van Dijk has been linked frequently throughout the summer, but it’s only recently that Arsenal seem to have a serious interest him. The potential sale of Shkodran Mustafi may have influenced that. Southampton are refusing to sell him.

It’s a risky game that Arsenal are playing, as it leaves our squad incomplete for the first half of the season.

Even then, there’s no guarantee that waiting until a later time will enable us to sign the pair at reduced prices – in fact, Arsene Wenger often bemoans the inflated January prices.

A good season from Lemar is hardly going to see Monaco come down on their asking price, while several Premier League sides are interested in Van Dijk, who has a six year contract with Southampton.

Being ambitious and wanting the best available is one thing, but perhaps it shouldn’t come at the expense of leaving gaps in the squad for half of the season when there is no need.