Just like magic, Arsenal FC transformed into Alexis FC, as just one man dominated the headlines.

After weeks and weeks of speculation bordering on obsession and fantasy, Alexis Sanchez finally returned to Arsenal training. Naturally, this is top Arsenal news across several papers.

Alexis set tongues wagging when he handed in a sick note last weeken, but has defied expectations by actually returning to training.

Journalists are now imagining the tense showdown talks between Wenger and Alexis and working out how to fit those images of Alexis’ sunny smile into the narrative that he’s trying to force his way out.

Away from the transfer saga, Alexis apparently wants to play on Sunday against Chelsea in the Community Shield, because of course he would. Regardless of the circumstances or his own fitness, the guy wants to play.

Elsewhere, former England cricketer Kevin Pieterson has issued a call to arms to the Arsenal fans due to the recent Stan Kroenke controversy.

Our wonderful owner thought it was a good idea to start a blood sport channel in the UK and has come under fire from anyone who gives a damn about animals.

KP, a champion of animal rights himself, wants the Arsenal fans to force Kroenke out of the club.

Finally, there’s a preview of tomorrow’s Women’s European Championship semi-final between England and the Netherlands, which involves several Arsenal players.