In news that should surprise no one who has been following Premier League football for more than a few months, Arsenal fans are set to pay out the most to watch their team this year.

Research was carried out by (via Islington Gazette), which showed that Gunners fans have to pay more than anybody else to go to matches over the course of the season.

The results were based on two factors.

Firstly, the cost of a season ticket and tickets to all the away games, and secondly the cost of the petrol required to attend all of the matches. The total given for Arsenal fans is £1,970, the breakdown for which is shown below:

via Islington Gazette

Whilst the Gunners are indeed famous for their expensive tickets, it does seem as if the research is missing a couple of key pieces of data, which make the picture look slightly less bleak when included.

When calculating the cost of the away tickets, the website has taken the standardised cost of a game (£30), and multiplied it by the number of away games in a league season (19). However, Arsenal run a scheme where they subsidise £4 of every away ticket, and when this is extended over the full 19 games this gives a £76 discount.

Also, although Arsenal may have to travel a fairly large number of miles, it’s not a simple task to figure out how much this actually costs the average fan. Trains from London are often significantly cheaper than from elsewhere, where you may have to travel via London anyway.

The club also runs a coach scheme which offers significantly cheaper tickets.

However, overall ticket prices are still far too high considering the amount of time and money that the average loyal fan puts into attending matches.

Whilst the club have taken some steps to address this, most supporters still feel they could do more, especially with the large amount of TV money in the game nowadays.