Alexis Sanchez has asked to be dismissed from Chile’s training camp on Wednesday to carry out ‘other commitments’, according to reports.

Alexis has headed off for international duty with World Cup qualifiers coming up, but the transfer window is still open until Thursday, giving players two more days to sort their future – something the 28-year-old appears to be doing.

The obvious assumption being made by the majority of people on social media is that Alexis either has a move lined up that he needs to sort out on Wednesday, or he’s hoping to force one through.

Of course, it’s also possible that the request is just an unfortunate coincidence one day before the deadline, but if the news is true this doesn’t seem like a very realistic option to me.

Alexis has one year left on his Arsenal contract and didn’t seem at all happy on Sunday after being subbed in the Gunners’ 4-0 loss to Liverpool. In truth, he didn’t seem happy on the pitch either, appearing frustrated and putting in a very disappointing performance by his standards.

Arsenal have just two more days now to establish whether this was a one-off with all the speculation still going on and the window still open, or if the performance was indicative of the rest of the forward’s season, in which case it may be best to cut their losses now and sell.