Adrian Durham has claimed that the Arsenal Invincibles were “a myth”, in response to the question of which team is the best in the Premier League history.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to talk about Arsenal, Durham ranted on talkSPORT: “Arsenal’s Invincibles lost crucial games that season. They lost Champions League group stage games to Inter and Kyiv.

“They lost home and away to Middlesbrough in the semi-finals of the League Cup – they [Arsenal] fielded a decent side as well. They lost to Man United in the FA Cup. Not exactly Invincible, were they then?”

Personally, I think that if your argument for why a team is not the best in Premier League history involves talking about games that didn’t take place in the Premier League, it’s probably going to look a bit weak.

Durham does go on to talk about some of the league games however, saying: “Wenger was obsessed with going unbeaten. So obsessed he didn’t even try to win games as the season came to an end. He was happy to draw. Four draws out the last six – including home to Birmingham!”

The talkSPORT presenter conveniently ignores that Arsenal had already won the league unbeaten with multiple games to go. If any other team manages to win the league, with no mathematical possibility of dropping to second, and hasn’t lost a single game, they’ll probably play it safe in the last few matches too.

Durham identifies the Chelsea team of 2004/05 as the best ever, because of their points tally. This argument is relatively weak. Every year, a different number of points wins you the league, sometimes 81 is more than enough (see Leicester 2015/16), sometimes 86 leaves you way behind the league leader (see Spurs 2016/17).

Did Spurs have a better season coming second last year than Leicester when they won the league? The one thing that’s the same every year, is that no team ever goes the whole league season unbeaten. Every team that ever won the Premier League lost at least once. Except Arsenal.