Arsene Wenger has come out to face the press after his side’s latest humiliation and blamed Arsenal 100% for the result and performance

“The result is a consequence of our performance, we were not good enough, beaten everywhere physically,” Wenger told Sky Sports after the final whistle.

“Our performance on the day was absolutely disastrous.”

But he also called for calm and a ‘little bit of distance’ after the result while hinting that something is going on behind the scenes – something he was not willing to go into.

Wenger tried to find something positive, but could only keep coming back to how disappointing this all was and how much it will affect the confidence of the side.

He did, at one point, say that he felt Arsenal dominated after the break, but as Thierry Henry pointed out, Arsenal only ‘dominated’ because Liverpool allowed them to have the ball so they could kill us on the break.

“We need everybody to keep belief and focus,” Wenger continued before he was asked about the crowd wanting him out.

“That’s part of the crowd’s feeling,” he replied.

“If I am the problem I am the problem, I am sorry for that. We want our fans to be with us even when we lose, even in a performance like that. The only thing we can do is come back and give them another level of performance.”

Wenger was then asked if he would be doing anything in the transfer window before it closes on Thursday. “We think a lot about that but just after a result like that I don’t think it’s time to talk about that”.

After Wenger’s interview, Henry summed up how most Arsenal fans are feeling right now

“That was unwatchable, at one point I wanted to leave,” said Henry, as Graeme Souness revealed that at one point Henry turned his back to the game.

He wasn’t the only one.