Aaron Ramsey has revealed that he has a nickname in the Arsenal squad based on YouTube channel Arsenal Fan TV.

In an interview with the Sunday Times ahead of the Arsenal match at Anfield on Sunday, Ramsey was asked whether he watches the show, where a select group of fans turn up each game to either over-hype or overly criticise Arsenal, the players and the manager every week.

Unsurprisingly, Aaron revealed he isn’t a regular viewer, but did tell the Times that it has inspired a nickname for him: “Ha ha, no (I don’t watch Arsenal Fan TV). Though I’ve been called a ham roll on there or something.

“Is it a good thing or bad thing? I haven’t a clue, mate. But Rob Holding calls me ‘Ham Roll’ now.”

Although it definitely isn’t meant as a good thing for Aaron, Rob Holding presumably just uses the nickname in a joking manner.

Rob is one of the few players who has mostly only been praised by the Arsenal Fan TV regulars, though most of the rest of the team should probably steer clear if they want to keep their confidence high for Sunday.

Ramsey has regularly been slated, but has started to show a lot more promise alongside Granit Xhaka in recent months.

The Welsh international is still sometimes caught of position as he makes marauding runs forward, but this also brings goals for the Gunners, as it did in the FA Cup final against Chelsea and the Premier League opener against Leicester.

With any luck it’ll be the latter again when Arsenal face Liverpool at Anfield.