Aaron Ramsey was the only player to brave social media after Arsenal’s defeat to Stoke.

Twitter can be a toxic place whenever Arsenal lose a game. It’s little wonder that the players, subject to so much abuse, choose not to tweet anything.

However Ramsey, one of the most polarising players amongst the Arsenal fans, did pop his head above the trenches.

You might think tweeting something is just asking for a bunch of enraged supporters to send abuse his way, but the responses were actually quite kind.

Many acknowledged that Ramsey was one of Arsenal’s best performers against Stoke.

The Welshman was a constant threat with his runs in behind and had a couple of decent opportunities to score, but found Jack Butland in good form.

There have been signs that Ramsey is approaching his best form after a frustrating period of injuries, which can only be a good thing for Arsenal.

Hopefully he’ll be pivotal to more Arsenal victories this season and won’t have to tempt fate on social media.