Arsene Wenger has admitted he deliberately played a number of players with no experience in certain positions to see how they coped with it against Chelsea.

Lining up with a mixture of youngsters and experienced players, Arsenal had a number of players in unfamiliar positions.

“I played some boys with a lack of experience in unusual positions to see how they can cope with it,” Wenger told Arsenal Player. “Chelsea went for a regular team from the start on and I had a mix in one half and in the second half. We paid a little bit for it, but despite that, it was not all negative.

“We had some very good moments in the game as well, but we couldn’t score. Overall, I think there were lots of positives in the game. We lacked a bit of experience in decisive positions.

“They [the younger players] learned that every ball at that level is important. You cannot be at 95 per cent in these kind of games.

“You have to be completely 100 per cent committed and they paid for every mistake. The pace of the game was much higher than they are used to. They will go home with plenty of things to think about and hopefully they will learn quickly from it.

“As well, I must say there were a lot of positive from some young players. They have shown personality, quality and that they have a good chance at that level.”

The side certainly were far from a level most people were expecting, but it should also be noted that many of the squad were sick recently.

At this stage of pre-season, with Arsenal finishing up their tour as Chelsea only begin, tiredness is to be expected, especially in the younger, less experienced players.

While it’s never nice to lose to Chelsea, nothing much, if anything can be read into the result. In fact, perhaps the only thing that we could say is that it’s insane anyone thinks David Ospina and Wojceich Szczesny are comparable.