Wellington Silva will return to Fluminese after he failed his medical at Bordeaux.

The whole saga has been one of the strangest Arsenal transfers in recent times. The plan was for Silva to move from Fluminese to Bordeaux via Arsenal, who had a buy-back clause for the Brazilian.

Arsenal would pay for Fluminese’s share of the player, then sell that on to Bordeaux for a small profit. Convoluted, but something that was expected to go through without any problems.

That was until Silva had his Bordeaux medical. The French club discovered the 24-year-old had an “inflamed pubis” and opted not to sign him after all. So, what happens now?

The Mirror has a decent round-up of the deal. In it, they report Silva will now re-sign for Fluminese this week.

In a statement on their official website, Fluminese said: “The transfer of Wellington Silva from Fluminense to Bordeaux in France did not materialise because of a medical issue, as Alexandre Soares, the athlete’s representative, said.

“During the medical examinations a small inflammation was detected in the pubis. It is not serious and the athlete is able to act, but the French club chose not to continue with the hiring.

“Wellington, who would have his economic rights acquired by Arsenal from England, and passed on to Bordeaux, returns to Rio immediately and re-signs to Fluminense later this week.

“The medical department of the club will do a physical reassessment of the player, since Wellington was clinically able to act when he left Brazil.”

There were fears Arsenal would be saddled with a player they didn’t want and that Silva himself had been royally screwed over. However, it appears that those fears are unfounded, as the Brazilian returns to his homeland.

He never settled in Europe but found his feet again in South America. He’s scored seven goals for Fluminese and showed enough quality for Bordeaux to try and sign him.

Arsenal won’t be making a small profit on him, which is just as well. It seemed a lot of bother to go through for such a small amount.