It took only 15 minutes for our new singing Lacazette to score his first Arsenal goal.

Sure, it was in a friendly against much weaker opponent but it still shows what he could do every weekend for us.

Many Arsenal fans, myself included, weren’t too impressed with this signing, especially when you think that it’s our record transfer.

Is he worth it? Will he fit in the team? Is he tall enough? What will Giroud do? So many questions, some sillier than others, but he managed to show us a glimpse of what we can expect.

It would be silly to assume that, after scoring in his debut match, he will score 30 goals in the new season. It’s still preseason, it’s impossible to expect any team to take it 100% seriously and we shouldn’t see this as an indicator for the upcoming season.

But, did he perform well? He did.

Did he score – which is why we bought him? He did.

Did he fit in well with the team? Yeah, it was alright. I am happy with what I saw, and, judging from the comments among those I follow on Twitter, they are too.

To show how happy I am with having Laca with us, here’s a wallpaper!

Although it’s equally for Laca and for our amazing third kit.

Hope you like it! As always, right-click to save.

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