Arsenal won the Emirates Cup despite losing to Sevilla thanks to the five goals the bagged on Saturday against Benfica.

It’s pretty much sevens for everybody. It was that sort of game, Arsenal weren’t great but they weren’t total garbage either.

There were certainly a number of concerns raised – like will the midfield be more solid by next week – but how did the players get on individually?



Petr Cech 7

petr cech v sevilla
(Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

Didn’t have much to do bar pick the ball out of the back of the net twice and you can’t lay any blame at his hands for the two goals.

Laurent Koscielny 7

Returned to the side and calmed my panicking that his back injury was worse than Arsenal were saying. I mean, when does that ever happen, eh? Had Arsenal’s first chance with a solid header after four minutes.

Mohamed Elneny 7

mohamed elneny v sevilla
(Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

It’s easy to see why Arsene Wenger likes Elneny as a central defender.

He intercepts with ease, never seems to need to tackle, and is probably the best passer in the backline. Hard to know how he’d do against a stronger side but the entire Invincibles back four were converted midfielders, so it is possible Wenger knows what he’s doing.

Nacho Monreal 7

nacho monreal v sevilla
(Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

He’s Nacho, baby! Solid as always.

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