Fluminense’s president has told the media that Wellington Silva will be sold back to Arsenal before he moves on to Bordeaux.

Further to previous reports last week about the move, president Pedro Abad has told the media that the rumours are true, in quotes reported by Terra.

Abad seemed to be disappointed that they were losing the player, saying that there was nothing they could do about it, and he explained the situation: “When we brought him in last year, there was a clause that allowed Arsenal to buy him back for a fixed amount. Another club (Bordeaux, France) made a proposal that beats that value and Arsenal already said they will exercise this clause. So he should leave.”

The reported amount that Arsenal plan to buy him back for is £3.5m, to then sell him on for £5m, for a profit of £1.5m. Since all Arsenal have to do is help complete the deal, it should be the easiest profit they’ll make this window.

Silva originally signed for Arsenal in 2010, and he spent most of his years with the Gunners trying to secure a work permit whilst on various loans away from the club.

Eventually he was cleared to play in England, went on loan to Bolton Wanderers, and then re-joined Fluminense. Now he’ll be making use of that permit as he makes his return to Europe.