Ray Parlour has said Arsenal should sell Alexis Sanchez if he demands ridiculous money.

  • Alexis is reportedly demanding £400k per week
  • Parlous feels that’s too much money for one player

Alexis is believed to be negotiating with Arsenal over a new contract, but reports emerged yesterday that he’s demanding £400k-per-week.

Arsenal surely wouldn’t be willing to meet such demands. Likewise, Bayern Munich, who have been heavily linked with the Chilean, would be very unwilling.

Ray Parlour believes that £400k per week would be far too much money, even for a player of Alexis’ calibre.

“I’ve heard some of the reports that he wants serious money, you’re talking £400k-a-week at Arsenal, which is unbelievable money,” Parlour said on talkSPORT via the Express.

“I’m not too sure (if he can get that anywhere else), I’m not sure if Man City can pay that, they probably can. That’s the sort of contracts that are being touted around. It is (frightening) really. 

“Look, he’s been brilliant for Arsenal, absolutely superb. Definitely a player you would miss if he does leave. But somewhere you come to an end and you say we can’t pay that money, it’s just ridiculous to pay it. 

“I said before, if it’s in the regions of £300,000-a-week, I think I’d pay it. But when you get to £400-450,000-a-week, maybe if it is that sort of money they are talking about, then it’s too much for me.”

The demand leaves Arsenal in a difficult position, as they would have to evaluate whether it’s worth paying Alexis that much or risk keeping him and losing him for free next summer.

The Gunners are not interested in selling to a Premier League rival, and won’t appreciate any attempts to force them into selling.