All the available evidence seems to be pointing to Mesut Ozil staying at Arsenal next season but will he sign a new deal?

Ozil’s latest comments regarding his excitement over playing behind Alexandre Lacazette next season all but confirm that the German will be staying in north London.

What’s more, unlike Alexis Sanchez, the playmaker hasn’t had many rumours linking him with a move this summer and there doesn’t appear to be any interest from other clubs.

Plus, he’s renewed his box at the Emirates. So, unless the dude’s friends love a buffet, it looks like he’s staying.

However, just because he’s staying for the final year of his contract, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to sign a new one.

The 28-year-old was recently rumoured to have accepted Arsenal’s offer of £280k-per-week in wages after previously rejecting it, which could rise if the Gunners get Champions League football next season, but then it all went a bit quiet.

Perhaps this is because the details of a new deal are being negotiated privately between Ozil’s people and Arsenal, or perhaps it’s just because nothing’s happening.

With the acquisition of Lacazette, who’s said to be on £200k-per-week, it seems likely that Ozil’s set for a hefty pay-rise, which makes the earlier figures of £280k-per-week not seem so outlandish. That’s if he does decide to stay beyond next year, of course.