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More to life

Arsenal.com love a quiz at the moment.

Can you answer these ten questions about Lacazette? No, as it happens I can’t!

I’ve heard of him, of course, even before we captured his signature this summer.

More than heard of him.

Partly that’s because we’ve been linked with him every summer for the last decade or so, but he’s also a French international, and they’re pretty good (barring meltdowns), so I take that as a good sign.

No, I’m pretty excited about him joining – it’s a far cry from the Yaya Sanogo “diamond in the rough” type signing which we’ve had to try to get excited about in many summers, for want of an actual signing of note.

But there’s still a reason I know very little about our latest signing – I already devote most of my waking hours to following Premier League football without expanding into other countries. And when the summer rolls around, I try to make up for all the things I neglect to a lesser or greater extent during the season.

After all, I have a husband, a puppy and a mortgage to pay which (un)fortunately require care, attention and going out to work.

That means I won’t research a player until they’re nailed on to join, otherwise I’d go crazy.

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