Now that Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is ‘100%’ staying at Arsenal, Liverpool fans suddenly don’t care that they’re not signing the 23-year-old this summer.

While Liverpool fans weren’t exactly frothing at the mouths over the potential signing of the Ox this summer, especially for £35m – £40m, most were optimistic and reckoned that the England international could add something to their squad. Plus, by signing him, they would be weakening Arsenal.

However, after Wenger confirmed that the Ox would in fact be ‘100%’ staying in north London despite having just one year left on his current deal, the Reds’ supporters have changed their tune…

“I’m glad,” a fan said.

“I don’t even see a single reason to buy him. Genuinely makes zero sense.

“Firstly, he’s nothing on our current wide options, and wants to play CM. There is Zero chance he’d ever get a game at CM here. We’re stacked there, and that’s before Keita.

“Also has a very bad injury record despite recent fitness.

“Not convinced we’d even go for him.”

While some believe that Wenger’s bluffing.

And others are still optimistic that Jurgen Klopp will just nab him on a free next year.

“Better,” said one Liverpool fan. “Rather get him on a free if he’ll still be keen.”

Of course, as one Reddit user actually admitted, if they’re not signing him, he’s a terrible player, if they are, he’s got ‘potential’.

“Nice, he is w**k,” they said, before adding, unless he signs, then he is great potential.”

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