Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann is happy after Alexandre Lacazette completed his move to Arsenal.

  • Griezmann is happy for his France team mate
  • Lacazette signed for Arsenal yesterday

Lacazette completed his move to Arsenal from Lyon yesterday after years of speculation. Several of his friends and colleagues have expressed their happiness over the move, most notably Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann.

In his tweet, Griezmann writes: “Very happy for you my friend! Lots of goals!” While saying how good Lacazette looks in the PUMA kit. The two players are teammates in the French national team and were involved in a transfer merry-go-round this summer.

It’s fitting that an Atletico Madrid player should congratulate Lacazette on joining Arsenal. After all, it was Atletico’s transfer ban that allowed Arsenal to swoop in and sign Lacazette in the first place.

On a similar note, it’s thanks to that transfer ban that Lacazette and Griezmann won’t be playing against each other in the Premier League next season. Lacazette will hope that good form at Arsenal will help him get into the France team ahead of team mate Olivier Giroud.