Kaltrim Agushaj, a Gooner from Kosovo, had his dream come true when his pals organised an Arsenal-themed wedding for him and his bride last Saturday.

  • Kosovo Gooner’s friends introduce Arsenal wedding theme
  • Wife’s reaction ‘odd’ despite apparently being a fan herself
  • Gooner has been supporting Arsenal for 17 years
  • He admits, “Without Arsenal, life has no meaning”

Kaltrim tied the not with partner, Edisona Agushaj, last Saturday and also took the opportunity to pay homage to his other passion: Arsenal.

The groom, as well as his friends and family, all dressed in Arsenal shirts, sang songs and paid tribute to the second love of Kaltrim’s life after the ceremony.

Speaking to Goal, the Gooner, who has been supporting Arsenal since 2000, admitted that his wife was a little surprised by the sudden introduction of the football shirts during their big day.

“It was a spontaneous idea of my friends to make a part of our wedding Arsenal themed,” Kaltrim said.

“It was a little surprise for all of them, but I’m glad because everyone was delighted in the end. I’m Arsenal fan for 17 years, since 2000. Without Arsenal my life hasn’t got any meaning.

“The reaction was a little odd because [my wife] did not expect it. She was surprised because it was a special day for her and for us! It was our wedding day, and this is a surprise present from our Arsenal fan friends that we invited to our wedding. She agreed and was happy in the end. 

“We can’t refuse to wear an Arsenal shirt even if it’s at our wedding! Fortunately she’s an Arsenal fan too. If she refused I would’ve spoken to her about it and in the end we would have celebrated in this way. 

“Our guests were very surprised with our dance and songs. We sang the song, ‘We are Arsenal’ and shout ‘we love you Arsenal, yes we do’. We love this team and when we dance and drink we surprised our guests. Most of the time we shout ‘Arsenal, champion – Arsenal, Arsenal’.”

As you can see from the picture, Edisona, who is apparently a fan too, was positively thrilled…

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via Goal.com

Congratulations to the happy couple!