Arsenal wouldn’t sell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool and they aren’t going to sell him to Chelsea either after the west London side became heavily linked with him once again.

Out of contract next summer and reportedly turning down Arsenal’s offer, the Ox and his camp really could do with getting their heads out of their arses this summer. Why? Read on and I’ll tell you…

Chelsea were reportedly ready to open talks with Arsenal next week for the player but it seems as if things are not quite at that stage just yet. I’m not sure why Arsenal would open talks in the first place given they don’t want to sell him and they certainly don’t want to sell him to a rival.

His camp might be annoyed at how Arsenal have treated contract negotiations, but I’m sure Arsenal aren’t best pleased that the Ox has missed what amounts to FOUR full Premier League seasons worth of games in the six years he’s been at the club, either.

During those six years, the Ox has suffered 11 different injuries, ruling him out of a total of 154 games. Arsenal could perhaps be forgiven for wanting to see if he would recover from the two knee injuries that ruined his 2016 before throwing £100k-a-week at him.

Arsenal have paid him handsomely for six years while he was too crippled to play. When he’s fit, he gets games. A little bit of appreciation for the club that stood by him would be nice rather than a host of leaks linking him with every club under the sun.

Had it not been for Arsene Wenger, it’s unlikely he’d even be at a club like Arsenal given his problems.

Loyalty isn’t a one way street, you know…

Arsenal still remain hopeful they can get him to sign a new deal.