Darren Burgess will be in charge of Arsenal’s fitness department this upcoming season.

  • Burgess will join Arsenal from AFL club Port Adelaide
  • He will split duties between the two clubs before joining Arsenal full time
  • He will be in charge of Arsenal’s fitness, with Shad Forsythe being his number two

Burgess started his new role as Director of High Performance at Arsenal last month, and has since been pictured on the London Colney pictures during pre-season training.

He is, though, not working full time at Arsenal yet, as he’s currently splitting his duties between Arsenal and AFL side Port Adelaide.

When he becomes a full time employee at Arsenal, it’s expected that he will in charge of the whole fitness department. That means that Shad Forsythe, who currently plays a big role in Arsenal’s fitness set-up, will become his number two.

Forsythe joined Arsenal in 2014 after working with the German national team. His time at the club has seen an improvement on Arsenal’s injury record in recent seasons.

Hopefully, he and Burgess can work well together to ensure that Arsenal are one of the fittest teams in the Premier League.