Arsenal are yet to receive a bid from Paris Saint-Germain for Alexis Sanchez.

For all the noise surrounding PSG’s interest in Alexis, they’ve yet to make any offer to Arsenal. That’s according to Sky Sports, who claim that while PSG are preparing a bid of over £40m, they’ve yet to actually make one.

It’s a continuation of the recent trend of clubs’s apparently agreeing terms with Alexis and being confident of a deal, only to not back that confidence with an actual bid.

Manchester City have been the most linked and have been confident all summer long. Their selling point is Pep Guardiola, whom they believe Alexis wants to work with again. They have yet to bid, however.

Bayern Munich were interested but were put off by the wage demands and asking price and opted against making a bid. It’s now PSG’s turn.

There were numerous reports over the weekend about Alexis meeting with the Parisians’ director Antero Henrique, suggesting the French club are willing to match his wage demands. No bid, though.

It’s quite possible teams are playing a waiting game to put more pressure on Arsenal, but they’ve yet to buckle. If anything, the more noise there is about Alexis, the more Arsenal are digging their heels in.

Arsene Wenger has told the press numerous times that the plan is to not sell Alexis, no matter who wants him. If PSG are serious about signing him, they’re going to have to bid far more than the stated £40m.