Arsenal have contacted Fluminese to temporarily re-sign Wellington Silva, before selling him on again.

The Brazilian initially signed from Fluminese in 2010 spent most of his years with the Gunners trying to secure a work permit whilst on various loans away from the club. Eventually he was cleared to play in England, went on loan to Bolton Wanderers, and then re-joined Fluminese.

But the transfer roundabout he seems to be on doesn’t stop there.

Now Arsenal are exercising their repurchase option, allowing the club to buy Silva for $4m, according to Globo Esporte. They then plan to sell the player on to Bordeaux for a profit, although it’s not clear exactly how much this profit will be, with various sources saying different amounts.

It’s good to see the club getting some money out of these types of clauses, as it seems every window the likes of Chelsea and United get paid some sell-on fee or activate a buy-back clause, or trigger a loan-to-buy option.

Hopefully it all goes smoothly, Arsenal collect their cash, and Wellington Silva gets a new start at Bordeaux. We wish him all the best with his future in France.