Arsenal fans have been having a bit of fun at the expense of United’s big money signing Romelu Lukaku.

The £75m addition to Jose Mourinho’s squad has plenty of goals in him, and the physicality to match anyone in the league, but one thing he hasn’t got such a good reputation for is his first touch. This attribute has been consistently highlighted on social media and the subject of various not-so-complimentary compilation videos.

So of course, when Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger was seen coolly receiving a pass and transitioning smoothly into a kick-ups, the Arsenal fanbase took no time at all in drawing the comparison:

It isn’t the first time that the Gunners boss has shown off his skills, and with a two-year contract recently signed it isn’t likely to be the last either.

Romelu Lukaku will be hoping to prove people wrong at United, because social media is unlikely to be any more forgiving of the £75m man than they were for any mistakes last year from the £89m one.