Alexis Sanchez is supposedly ‘sick’ and most Arsenal fans aren’t having any of it.

On Friday morning, Alexis shared a picture of himself complete with ‘sad’ face and scarf, claiming that he was ‘sick’.

This comes the day after Arsene Wenger revealed via the club’s official website that the Chilean would be returning to training with the rest of the Arsenal squad on Sunday.

It also comes amid rumours that the forward is leaving north London this summer, with Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain still being linked.

While Wenger, of course, denies that Alexis is going anywhere, the ‘sick’ post on Instagram has managed to wind Gooners up, since it sounds as if the 28-year-old is already trying to line up excuses for not showing up to training this weekend.

It certainly doesn’t seem like a coincidence considering the noise surrounding his future at Arsenal but, as most fans recognise, it would be a pretty low move if he was going to try and force his way out of the club by pretending that he was sick.

Perhaps he really is sick. Perhaps Arsenal fans are just used to feeling played and uncertain. Or perhaps we’re just paranoid.

Although if he really is unwell, someone tell the bloke to stop snapping selfies and get to bed.