Arsenal are the 11th best team in Europe according to UEFA’s coefficient rankings.

  • Spurs, United and Chelsea all scored lower
  • City scored higher, for some reason
  • Arsenal highest ranking in Europa League by far

UEFA have ranked Arsenal as the 11th best team in Europe with a score of 84.363, according to their performances in continental competitions despite the Gunners finishing fifth in the Premier League last season and ending up in the Europa League for the first time in two decades.

Although Arsenal haven’t won the Champions League and rarely manage to make it past the final 16, their consistency at least qualifying, apart from last season, is presumably why they’re still pretty high in the rankings.

Tottenham meanwhile are in 22nd (62.363), while Manchester United, who won the Europa League last season, are 16th (78.363), Chelsea 13th (80.363), and Manchester City are ninth (94.363).

Arsenal have the highest coefficient ranking in the Europa League… by far.