Thierry Henry names best finisher he’s ever seen

Thierry Henry has said that David Trezeguet was the best finisher he had ever seen.

  • Henry gave interview to Soccer AM
  • Said that Trezeguet was the best finisher he had seen
  • Gave a fascinating insight into how he trained and finished

In an interview with Soccer AM, Henry was asked who the best finisher he had ever seen was.

“David Trezeguet is hands down the best finisher I have ever seen. Easy. I have never seen anyone like him in my life.

Henry also cited former Arsenal strikers Dennis Bergkamp, Ian Wright and Nicolas Anelka as some of the best finishers he’d seen.

Arsenal’s record goalscorer outlined how he trained at the club. He said he liked to train in extreme situations, such as finishing from very tight angles or under pressure from a defender.

“I used to take Martin Keown aside at the end of a training session and tell him ‘I’m going to beat you here’. I wanted the quickest, toughest, most menacing guy on me because I knew if I could beat him, I could beat anyone.

“He used to win a couple of battles but out of 10 I won eight times.”

People have had doubts about about Henry’s suitability as a coach, but the way he talks about finishing and what he calls “freezing the goalkeeper” is an indication of how deeply he thinks about the game.

“If I’m running and don’t look at the keeper, he’s going to close all angles that he can close and be as close to me as he can be. But if I looked at the keeper, he’d freeze.

“If he freezes, it’s on you and your technique and the repetitions you’ve been doing for a very long time in training to beat him.”

Henry is currently assistant manager of the Belgian national team and makes regular appearances on Sky Sports as a pundit.