Legendary goalkeeper, David Seaman, has urged Arsene Wenger to take a page out of Jose Mourinho’s book and tighten up defensively, which is what his managerial counterpart has done with Manchester United.

If they are to be successful and challenge for trophies consistently across the league season, it’s important for them to be “more resilient,” that’s according to the 53-year-old, who was at Arsenal for 13 years during his playing career.

Having missed out on a UEFA Champions League place for the first time in two decades, it’s fair to say that Arsenal under-performed and were made to pay the price for their inconsistency across all competitions after the Christmas break, bar their FA Cup victory.

They have got to tighten it up at the back. It has been way too long since they won the league,” Seaman was quoted as saying by talkSPORT.

Since last winning the league in 2003-04, they’ve only finished as runners-up on two occasions and regularly find themselves frustrated by a drastic dip in form after the winter break.

Mourinho has gone in to Manchester United and won three trophies last season. Ok, they are not playing the best football, but it is not negative football. It is building on a defence and that is what we did at Arsenal for a long time. We need to get back to that.

When I went to Arsenal, we didn’t play the most attractive football. It is all about winning trophies, for me.

Seaman also revealed his belief that it was the right call for Wenger to sign a new two-year extension, despite some criticism since the announcement earlier this week.

For me, they have made the right move. I think it could have been done a little earlier, but I’m happy that he signed.

Mourinho’s United side were fortunate in different circumstances to win both the Capital One Cup and UEFA Europa League last season against Southampton and Ajax, whilst the Community Shield isn’t actually a trophy.

However, Seaman makes fair comment on how Arsenal should focus more defensively before worrying about the attractive side of football that they are more renowned for, especially as they have shown tendencies to leave themselves susceptible to counter-attacking moves for years now.