Patrick Vieira says Arsenal must have a plan in place for when Arsene Wenger decides to leave.

  • Vieira is happy Wenger signed an extension
  • He believes there’s no one better for Arsenal at the moment
  • Says that replacing him will require a plan

Wenger signed a new two-year extension after last season’s FA Cup final despite Arsenal’s failure to qualify for the Champions League.

Whereas many thought it was the right time for Wenger to go, Vieira was happy he opted to stay.

“He shouldn’t (have left) because I don’t think at the moment Arsenal can find a better manager than Arsene, honestly,” he told ESPN, reports the Express.

The former Arsenal captain believes that Arsenal must have a plan in place for when Wenger eventually decides to leave.

“When you look at other clubs around, when you look at manager’s who stayed at the club for years and years, it’s not easy at all. 

“I think that this is something that you have to prepare, because when you’ve stayed for 20 years in a club, it’s not like two years. 

“To replace Arsene it would be tough, it would be really difficult and I think it is something that you have to plan.”

Vieira is currently the manager of New York City FC in the United States. His post-playing career has, sadly, been more associated with Manchester City than it has with Arsenal, who seemingly didn’t have a role for him.

His name has also been mentioned as one of Wenger’s potential successors, although you’d have to say that there are better candidates out there.