Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has described Mesut Ozil as a “silent assassin”, revealing the playmaker “goes about his business quietly.”

  • Ox talks about Ozil during interview
  • Ozil offers to take players on holiday

In an interview with Arsenal Player, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was asked to describe the personalities of his Arsenal teammates. His description of Mesut Ozil comes as no surprise.

“Mes is like the silent assassin, he goes about his business quietly. If you want to engage in a bit of banter with Mesut, he is up for it, but if you don’t he’s not bothered.”

“He will just go through his game, leave training, live the life at home and then come back to training.”

Chamberlain had previously said that Ozil, as well as Alexis, are jokers in the squad and are always pushing him to improve.

While Ozil has often been lambasted for being moody and lazy on the pitch, Chamberlain has plenty of nice things to say about him.

“He’s the coolest guy ever, he’s one of those guys who will have a spare flight somewhere and will say: ‘Do you want to come on holiday with me? I’ve got you’. You’re like: ‘Yeah, I’d love to’ – and off he takes you.”

It’s indicative of a modern footballer’s life that someone having a spare flight ticket could be described as just “one of those guys”.

But it seems that Ozil is well-liked by his teammates and of all the reasons he could leave Arsenal this summer, it seems tension within the squad won’t be one of them.