Arsenal legend Lee Dixon has claimed that Alexis Sanchez is difficult to work with.

  • Dixon made the claim during ITVs coverage of Chile’s game against Germany
  • He said that Alexis could be moody in training
  • Alexis has also been called self-centred

It’s not the first time that Alexis’ attitude has been questioned as his on-pitch conduct has been scrutinised again and again.

Lee Dixon, though, has claimed that his attitude isn’t great off the pitch, either.

“He’s not easy to work with from what I’ve heard. He’s quite difficult to work with on the training pitch,” he said.

“He’s quite moody, certainly in training from the feedback I’ve got from Arsenal he’s difficult in the dressing room.

“I think Pep Guardiola has mentioned that as well, he’s a difficult character to deal with.

“Everything has to go his way, from a team point of view you will see him push everyone around and try and organise, but he’s not easy to play with, that’s what I’ve heard.

“I’ve seen him a lot at Arsenal and he passes you the ball if he can get it back, he’s one of them.”

Back in March, Alexis was left out of Arsenal’s starting line-up for their trip to Liverpool for what was believed to be disciplinary reasons.

While Alexis’ style of play will undoubtedly frustrate many of his team-mates, the results are difficult to argue against.

Anyone who’s seen a recent Arsenal match would have seen him encourage his team-mates to press higher up the pitch, while there have been plenty of photos throughout the season of him down on his haunches after a poor result.

It’s clear that he holds everyone at Arsenal to a high standard and knows that few of his team-mates are able to perform at his level.

Nonetheless, you’d be hard pressed to find a top player in football that isn’t difficult to work with.

If the Arsenal players are unhappy with him, they’re doing a very good job of hiding it.