Back in December, Alexis Sanchez claimed that he wants to win Arsenal another title, but will he break that promise?

In Arsenal magazine’s July issue, some quotes from Alexis Sanchez regarding being happy with the club and wanting to win a title for the fans have been re-released.

“I feel really happy and comfortable at the club,” he told the club’s official magazine.

“I want to give the supporters a new title.

“We always get our fans’ support through thick and thin, which is great.”

While the quotes are old, there’s no coincidence in them being rehashed at a time when rumours that Alexis is leaving this summer are rife.

The Chilean has been linked with moves to Bayern Munich and Manchester City. However, the Bundesliga giants are said to be considering withdrawing their interest as they can’t afford the 28-year-old’s whopping wage demands.

story trackerAlexis himself has been very quiet regarding his Arsenal future, either shrugging questions off as a matter for his agent or ignoring them altogether. However, it’s hard to imagine that he has no understanding at all of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Whether Arsenal have re-released these quotes to give Gooners hope, because there’s been positive progress in the forward’s contract negotiations, or none of the above, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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